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Life's Special Occasions


Welcoming new people into God's family is  a privilege and joy. At St Silas Church we want to get to know those who God is calling and for you to know your local church family.

Our baptism policy can be downloaded here


This gives you all the information you need to decide if it is the right time for you or your child to explore getting baptised.  

Baptisms are held on the third Sunday of the month as part of the 10.30am communion service.

Libby's Baptism - August 2017

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Our special day with family & friends in God's presence


If you have decided to get married - congratulations.

If you wish to discuss getting married at St Silas Church or to have your away banns read or to discuss being married in church after divorce, please email us to arrange a time for you to meet the vicar.

To be married at  St Silas you will need to be able to meet one of the following criteria stipulated in the Initial Enquiry Form

Lucy &  Craig, June, 2017

With thanks to Libby and her parents, and Craig and Lucy Inness, for their kind permission for the use of the photographs

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