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St Silas PCC

St Silas Church  serves the Anglican Parish of St Silas covering Witton, Beardwood and Preston New Road down to Corporation Park. As far west a the Clog & Billycock.

Although the church of St Silas was consecrated in 1900 there has been a christian presence in the area since the early 1800s. You can find out more about our history on the Our Church page.


If you are new to the area or to church  there is information about us, what we do and why along with service times, how to we can help you celebrate life big events – baptism & weddings - and support you in times of difficulty.

We look forward to meeting you.

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St Silas Church serves the Anglican Parish of Witton, Beardwood and Preston New Road; from Larmenier Village to Corporation Park and from the Clog & Billycock pub to Blackburn Golf course.

St Silas Church exists thanks to the generous giving of individuals.  We recieve no core funding to serve our community. A donate to St Silas helps to keep it open and maintained. For the Vicar and volunteers to provide worship and pastoral care in the parish. 


Safeguarding @ St Silas Church

St Silas PCC seek to ensure to provide a safe environment where individuals can explore their faith in a safe place. Our Safeguarding Policy  outlines how we aim to do this. 

If you have a concern relating to safeguarding issue please contact our Independent Safeguarding Adviser Mr Gordon Moulding at


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